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Reasons for Using Biodiesel

For me it is so obvious to prefer and to use biodiesel over petrodiesel but many others who are not familiar with all the biodiesel benefits it is not. For these people, the following reasons are a good starting point for understanding why biodiesel is the right and preferred choice of energy.

Bio-Diesel is Economical

Let's say it loud and clear, making biodiesel saves money! If you make biodiesel at home, you can save more than 50% of your petrodiesel expenses. The fact that making biodiesel procedure is an easy process encourages more and more people to use biodiesel.

Bio Diesel Resources are Reproducible

Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oil or animal fat. These resources can be regrown and considered infinite in comparison to crude oil that is limited. When using biodiesel instead of petrodiesel, the demand for crude oil products is reduced and as a result their prices decrease.

Using Biodiesel is more Environment Friendly then other Energy Alternatives

While using biodiesel the exhaust emission is significantly less polluting. According to studies, there are several parameters like hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide that are reduced when using biodiesel for running diesel engines.

Supporting Agriculture Industry

The main ingredient for preparing biodiesel is vegetables oil or animal fat. With the growth of use of biodiesel going on, there is a growing need for the main biodiesel resources which are the seeds like canola, corn, soy and others. The growing demand of biodiesel resources enables the agriculture in general and the farmers in particular to have another market to sell to. This way this industry is more stabilized.

Reducing Dependence on Petro-Diesel and Fuel Companies

The more we use biodiesel instead of petrodiesel the less dependent we are in an infinite resource (crude oil). It means that these crude oil companies and in many cases countries, have less domination on other countries in the aspect of energy resources. This will lead for a better balanced world.

Better for engine's health

Experience shows that engines running on biodiesel, its lubricity is improved compared to petro diesel fuel. The higher lubricity enable the engine to work in a smoother manner and because it works better it reduce the physical deterioration of the engine.

Best Energy Alternative to Fuel

Checking all energy alternatives of fuel for diesel engines, there is an absolute one conclusion that pops up. Each alternative to petrodiesel fuel requires adjustments and modifications, sometimes it is in the fuel injection system and sometimes another tank should be installed. The only exception is biodiesel. The majority of diesel engines will work smoothly with biodiesel with no modifications requirements. Another advantage of biodiesel over the other energy alternatives is the mileage per gallon. It is important to mention about the little drop in power when compared to petrodiesel. Biodiesel has a drop in power of around 9%, which most drivers not even notice or notice a non significant drop in power.

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